La tessera del Club



“TERRE ALTE” CLUB membership

“TERRE ALTE” club offers its services exclusively to those who love ecotourism or who collaborate with the Consortium of co-operatives Terre Alte.

The following are eligible for membership:- eco tourists, members of the Cral, schools, interpreter guides, travel agencies, recreational/cultural associations, company managers, employees of the national tourism sector and tourist guides.

Club members will be the first to receive information about the latest events and special programmes of naturalistic interest tailor-made for members.

Members can participate in or organise special eco tourist events.

Members will be given a password so they can discuss or write about their impressions to the consortium heads.

Becoming a
member of the Club has no charge. All we ask is permission to use personal data only for the tourist activities of the co-operative. The data will not be given to any other company that is not part of the “Terre Alte” Consortium.

The following social co-operatives are members of the consortium:
Soc. Coop. Arancia Blu arl non-profit organisation type B
Soc. Coop. La Macina Ambiente non-profit organisation type A
Soc. Coop. Terre Alte arl non-profit organisation type B



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